Journal Entries, Short Stories, and Our Future

Hello everyone! Lots to go over and talk about so I will just get to it.

Art Progress

I want to thank everyone for their support throughout the art changes. Every artist we had before left an amazing legacy on the project. I’m working hard to reach somewhere close to that level of quality. Every week I am learning something new and growing better. Thank you for your patience and understanding through this phase of Novaborn.

Game Development

Yes indeed we are still making a game. Although the face of that game is changing a bit. Our most recently shown version of the game showcased a game with heavy focus on building up armies and fighting in large scale AI battles. But in the early months of 2020 we had finally ironed out some of the game’s core glitches and successfully implemented the game’s systems. And we realized the core of those systems wasn’t fun. And in the words of the great Reggie Fils-Aimé “If it’s not fun, why bother?”

With this in mind we took a look at the kind of games we like to play and what Novaborn is all about. And that is simply put, adventure. Now we are making a game that still has large battles. But now it focuses less on gathering armies and more on interacting with the unique world and characters of Novaborn. As things progress, we will keep you posted.

Journal Entries

One thing I have found with drawing the comic is that the progress can be incredibly slow. And a single page that takes days and days of work can be read in under 30 seconds. This is mostly due to my lack of art training. However, I have been working on my writing over all these years of making Novaborn. Which I hope is one of the reasons you’re still reading Novaborn. Every other week, we have been posting journal entries on our patreon. We’ve taken a look inside the mind of Banis, Inpherna, and very soon Yoroko (Mom). But since I can write these so much quicker than I can draw, the journal entries will soon outpace the story. But I have a solution for this.

Short Stories

Novaborn is a big universe with billions of beings living their lives, fighting for what they believe in, falling in love, and simply being. I will be starting to tell some of these stories on the patreon. These will just be short stories for the moment, allowing you to get a little closer to the world of Novaborn. The first one will be a love story. Others will cover a wide variety of topics and genres. I look forward to bringing you more Novaborn with these short tales.

Youtube Channel

Lastly, some of you might know about our YouTube channel. We’ve posted some content there related to our game and comic. However our video about Tapas versus Webtoon has reached over 4,000 views (which is pretty good for us). In the comments section, we’ve met a lot of creators who want to learn more about comics and writing stories in general. And we’ve loved to answer their questions. And since we enjoy it so much, we have decided to make more videos about writing and comics. These will of course take a back seat to everything else we have going on. And with the improvements to my art skills and speed, videos will become a regular part of what we do. Hopefully. I do say all of this knowing that it is 2020.

These are the plans here at Raptagon studios. We have been through some rough times, but the future’s looking a little less cloudy from here. Thank you for enjoying Novaborn with us, a VERY big thank you to our patrons who support us so much and I hope you have a wonderful summer (Or winter).

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