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Raptagon Studios

Frequently asked questions about Raptagon Studios and their video games.

Q: What is Raptagon Studios?

A: Raptagon Studios is a small video game development company based out of Edmonton, Alberta Canada.

Q: How is Raptagon Studios different?

A: Raptagon is the combination of two words, Rapt (immersion) and paragon. These words embody our ideals of making immersive stories, while also begin paragons of the industry by keeping our high standards of business ethics.

Q: What does Raptagon mean?

A: Raptagon is the combination of two words, rapt (immersion), and paragon (an individual of high virtues). In video games, we believe Immersion happens when the you can perform tasks without consciously thinking about them.

We aim to develop that sort of relationship between the game and the player. In other words, we want to create worlds that you want to be in and game play that keeps you in the world. We chose this name because it is our goal to create games where great game mechanics and honesty are our top priorities.


Q: What is Novaborn?

A: Novaborn, is set in a medieval society that has been boosted to the space age. Denizens of this universe train hard in both body, mind, and spirit so that they can survive a single touch to the Nova.

Rebirth with powers anew, is granted by the Nova if they survive. Some come seeking prowess in battle, others to refine their mind, others still the long life it grants all, but either way, they seek to become Novaborn.

Q: What is the game play like?

A: The game-play for our first game will be a simple version of our dream game: a mix of elements from the original Star Wars Battlefront 2 and Mount & Blade: Warband. Keep in mind we are just taking simple concepts and elements to keep the scope of our first game smaller.

The first game will have:

  • World map to explore, located on the planet of Orthenam.
  • Liberate cities from hostile forces.
  • After a city, town, or village has been liberated:
    • Explore the dwelling’s map
    • Trade with merchants
    • Receive and complete quests
  • Capture point style battles with hundreds of A.I. combatants.

Q: What will it be rated?

A: Teen. Though, we believe older audiences will enjoy it too.

Our goal for all our games and comics is to stay as family friendly as possible!

There will still be some blood.

Our media seeks to NOT glorify violence, but instead show the consequences of it. While at the same time understanding that is sometimes necessary when protecting your liberty and family.