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Velogriff creature concept, drawn by co-founder Brittany Harper, who came up with the all the Novaborn species scene so far.

This is the velogriff, a distant cousin of the griffon. It was domesticated by the Searadithian empire during The Age of Novaborn, when the Nova was first discovered.

Velogriffs have traditionally been used for transportation by knights in both war and peacetime. Although their wings are not strong enough for long distance flight like the griffons, they can be used to glide across gaps in terrain.


Introducing the rabbicorn. These small creatures hop around on their hooves and are found throughout most of the searadithian countryside.

Royal Dragon Dog

The royal dragon dog is a noble and fierce protector. They are often used as regal guards for the Emperor of Searadith. They are smaller domesticated offspring from the wind and dangerous Dragolf, but they are the closest breed to their distant ancestor.

Herding Dragon Dog

A far more fluffy and friendly breed of dragon dog, the herding dragon dog is used on searadithian farms to herd livestock. Their prodding horns and quick nips encourage larger animals like the stubborn searadithian ox to move.

Phoenix Cats

original concept sketch of phoenix cats and fur colors, by Brittany Rose Harper

Phoenix cats, or often called ‘nix cats for short, are feathery felines domesticated hundreds of years ago. They are distant cousins of the wild but regal Phoelion, a large maned feline with great feathery wings.

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