Spaceship Lore

How do medieval ships fly through space?

Energy shards have the special property of absorbing the power of the Nova while dormant.  In space, ships bring exceptionally large energy shards with them to power the entire ship on long journeys. They must, however, eventually return to a planet with a Nova to refuel, which can take days to even weeks depending on the size of the shard and the length of the journey.

How do they breathe in space?

Spaceships do not need to be air tight. A pocket of air around the ship is created by the ship’s atmosphere shard, so novaborn and non-novaborn alike can take strolls above deck.

But wait, they can ‘walk’ in space? What happened to Gravity?

A gravity shard within the ship creates a downward force of the same scale as any planet with a nova and that pull is the same strength whether you stand at the bottom of the ship next to the shard or above deck.

How do ships find their way?

Nova powered spaceships use a combination of entwining shards and levitation shards to navigate the ship. Entwining shards can be tuned to the frequency of a planet’s Nova, pulling the entire ship towards the center of that specific planet from anywhere in the galaxy. Meanwhile, levitation shards can be used to steer the ship in any direction manually.

If they can take long journeys essentially on autopilot, what happens if they get attacked or hit by comets in their flight path?

The shield shard protects spaceships from minor collisions with space debris and possible enemy fire, especially from space pirates. Warships have swivel mounted energy guns mounted around the hull of the ship for people to take control of as well as fighter ships to deploy. But mid-sized cargo vessels need to be prepared with smaller fighter ships that can take the fight to the enemy.

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