Page Delayed, but Exciting News

Hey Novaborn patrons!

Unfortunately due to some unforeseen events in our artists’ lives we were unable to get the page colored in time this week.

The Quincil injured her wrist from overuse and has been icing it on doctors orders.

So we brought in another artist, Kendrick to help with backgrounds. He has been doing a great job as you can see in the last page.

However there was a hurricane and he had to evacuate. He is safely back at home now, but was unable to get the next page done before Soojung, our colorist, went on vacation. She won’t be back until the 29th unfortunately. So we are going to see if we can find someone to fill in.

If not, the next page will be back on October 5th. We are all very sorry for the delay.

In the meantime, let’s tell you about a project we’ve been working on!

We have many stories we want to tell in the Novaborn Universe and we are constantly looking for new ways to get those stories to you.

So we are working on a new app called Novaborn Tales (working title). It will be an app that will allow you to read through visual novel style stories updated regularly.

Some of our first stories will be about the first Novaborn and the assassin’s scar!

We look forward to bringing these stories to you. And Novaborn patrons will be the first to receive them!

Exciting news ahead! Stay tuned!

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