Lore | Nyarri Armor

The Nyarri primarily wear armor that protects against the heat of the sun. The dominant nation being in a desert area. They have a level of technology similar to humans from Searadith but more Egyptian in culture and design.

Desert walkers, the oldest of the nyarri cultures, are proud people who walk upright. Most nyarri naturally have an arc in their upper back, but the desert nyarri wrap young backs to train them to stay upright. Much of their day is spent drinking water from  gourd-like  vessels to keep cool, playing music, and lounging through the day (they take a lot of cat-naps). They hunt at night when it is cool and the desert creatures come out of hiding. They are the main ruling nation of the Nyarri Empire. The Emperor lives here and rules his vast kingdom from his Egyptian-like sandstone palace.

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