Lore | Levitation Shards

Levitation shards cause an anti-gravity effect that, once attached and tuned to an object, allows said object to float in the air. These are very useful in the construction of large heavy buildings, where the weight of which would normally cause it to topple. Additionally, vehicles such as floating carriages, trains, and even small hand pushed trolleys can be levitated. However, levitation shards would be rather useless in space without the use of gravity shards.

Levitation shards can be tuned to lift the greatest of weights, but the heavier the object, the more energy required for the levitation shard to function.

You see them in use with the tables and trolleys at the party, as well as the floating carriages, and the shard stall on Mad Market Dash. If something floats, there’s a levitation shard or two at work!

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