Journal E03 | Yoroko | The Search for Truth

(Written after Novaborn: Tale of Inpherna page 56)

It has been 4 months since Anthis’s death and 3 weeks since Inpherna’s disappearance. I have yet to receive a ransom demand so that eliminates that possibly.

Time has been eliminating all the options that I’ve prayed for. The ability to act. The knowledge of which corner of the galaxy to pry apart to find truth. Unfortunately that only leaves me with the unknowable answers. Which means I will have to reach out to old contacts to see if anyone has been whispering about my little girl.

There is the possibly that her disappearance was unrelated to Anthis’s murder. Banis said that she left to go on an adventure, the life she and Anthis wanted to live. I didn’t know either of them felt that way.

I had grown complacent over all these years thinking that life was just fine, but I never knew what my children really wanted. They never told me and I never asked, but when do you ask these things?

If Inpherna was taken by someone else, they might not even know who she is. We found pieces of her family crest on the ground. So her noble lineage would be unknown to them. Without it, it would be a difficult thing to prove. Especially given Inpherna’s attitude that she so perfectly inherited from me.

My stomach turns to think of the possibility that she was taken by slavers. They aren’t as common or as bold this deep in the empire. But our ports bring in those from the brightest and darkest corners of the galaxy. The kind that would prey on an injured daughter alone in the streets.

Whoever has harmed my daughter will learn to curse their own mothers for ever bringing them into this world. The only releaf they will find in the coming days will be when Morenth pulls their wretched souls from their bodies.

There is, however, a sliver of hope in my heart that she’s safe and living the life she dreamed of. That Minas has guided some kind soul to protect my little one. If this were true, I would serve her rescuers for the rest of my days.

Here I sit knowing nothing. Wanting all the answers and having no place to start. Whatever has happened, I may never know. Truth exists outside perception and opinion. What is and what is not is not. I must focus on what I know and make the best decisions from there.

Anthis is dead. I held the body of my child one last time to know this truth. I saw the scars that only a mother would know on his lifeless form. This is a truth I must accept and move on. 

Inpherna is gone. What has happened to her I do not know, but I will search for this truth.

Banis my dear son. I cannot imagine how you feel. I long to hold you and tell you that things will be alright. But I can’t say the words because I know it is a lie. And I fear to show care towards you because the secret eyes that watch might take you away too. My only hope is that your father can be there for you. And that connection may be the most important piece of our fracturing family.

I was worried in the search for your bodyguard that I would not find one trustworthy. I looked far and wide to find her and I put my trust in her as I hope you do as well. Zara may be your only friend in these times. That is the most important thing she can be.

I even made sure that she was pretty. This may be my only chance at grandchildren.

My mind has wandered and grown weary.

That is all for today. I shall continue my search for truth in the morning.

– Yoroko

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