Hiatus Announcement

Dear Patrons,

After the page named Money Problems, we need to go on another hiatus. We want to thank all of you wonderful patrons! 

Don’t Worry! During the hiatus, you will not be charged on patreon! So feel free to stick around for the duration of the hiatus. We might post updates here. Like when we figure out when we will be back!

We were able to keep posting pages EVERY week for longer this time thanks to both you and Webtoon! For the past couple of months we have been able to pay for one out of every four pages we commissioned each month. That is a huge success in our books!

But since three fourths of the cost of making Novaborn: Tale of Inpherna still comes from our pockets, we need a some time to dig ourselves back out of debt.

Like we said, patreon payments will be paused during the hiatus. You will not be charged until we have more early pages and lore for you!

Thanks again for being awesome patrons of Novaborn and Raptagon Studios!

Stephen and Brittany Harper

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