Concept Art | Velogriff

Hi! This post is from Brittany, co-founder and technical artist at Raptagon Studios. I actually came up with all of the Novaborn species you’ve seen so far and I would love to share more of my concepts if you’re interested!  

-Brittany Harper

“This is the velogriff, a distant cousin of the griffon. It was domesticated by the Searadithian empire during The Age of Novaborn, when the Nova was first discovered.”

“Velogriffs have traditionally been used for transportation by knights in both war and peacetime. Although their wings are not strong enough for long distance flight like the griffons, they can be used to glide across gaps in terrain.”

Update: Oops! I accidentally posted the wingless version! Here’s the correct velogriff. (The other version was for reference of what’s under the wings for both 2D and 3D artists.)

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