Assassin in the Moonlight and Comic News

Happy March, awesome Novaborn friends!

We’re working on the next page to (hopefully) go up this Saturday. But we’re doing something new and scary!

Stephen is drawing the comic now (with some help from Brittany)!

Stephen has been learning how to draw for a few months and finally feels ready to begin drawing the pages himself. If you can bear with us, I know he will get better in time. He’s already been rapidly improving.

Why are we making this change?

The truth is, we can’t pay our artists what they’re worth. Since we can’t pay them full time they always end up getting a better job and leaving the project. We are tired of changing artists all the time!

But that’s not the only reason!

We have not been able to recover financially. Despite applying and interviewing for jobs and opportunities for months, we’ve nothing to show for it. So the debt we went into to pay artists to illustrate Novaborn just keeps getting deeper. Meanwhile we continue to need food for us and our three cats and we need to pay for utilities, etc.

So yes, Stephen is drawing the comic now! Because otherwise the story can’t continue for a LONG time… Also, we will die.

The above picture of the Assassin in the Moonlight is an example of Stephen’s art.

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